Our mission is to maximize each client’s after tax return on investment through superior security selection and minimization of costs while managing risk within acceptable limits. 


We believe active investment management can produce superior results. Beginning with a top-down, macroeconomic analysis we seek to identify broad trends in the economy and determine optimal asset allocation. From there our bottom-up, fundamental analysis focuses on the critical factors driving growth and is designed to uncover exceptional value through superior security selection.


Our approach follows a disciplined, quantitative process designed to remove emotional bias from the investment decision. Maintaining a strict sell discipline helps to ensure adherence to the process.


We strive to provide superior, attentive service. There are no phone trees or bureaucracies to get in the way. You will always speak directly to the person responsible for managing your investments. We listen to your goals, needs, risk tolerances and any special circumstances affecting how your investments should be managed and design a custom strategy just for you. We keep you informed along the way and are ready to answer any questions. We value long term relationships built on trust and open communication.


We work closely with our clients’ other financial team members, such as CPA’s, attorneys, financial planners, trustees, etc., as well as any other trusted family members or advisors the client desires to include to ensure an efficient and effective sharing of knowledge designed to complete the total financial picture.

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