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Performance History Net of Fees

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Period Ending 03/31/2021       
Year To Date      
Trailing Three Years, annualized 
Trailing Five Years, annualized
Since Inception of 12/31/08        

The Merryfield composite includes all fee-paying portfolios with a market value greater than $10,000 and a risk tolerance above average and represents 87% of the total assets under management. The asset allocation of the composite as of 03/31/2021 was 86% equities, 2% fixed income, 1% real estate investment trusts and 11% cash. The performance results are presented Net of Fees (after management fees and transaction charges have been deducted) and represent a time-weighted and asset-weighted compound rate of return. The benchmark return is a blended return comprised of 60% of the S&P 500 Total Return and 40% of the iShares Barclays Aggregate Bond Index (ticker symbol: AGG) with daily re-balancing and no transaction charges.
Past performance may not be indicative of future performance. Other composites are available upon request.

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