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There are many types of financial advisors, each with their own specialties and objectives. Choosing the one that best fits your needs can be complicated. Simply put, we are managers. We are not brokers, and we do not take custody of your assets. We work through a broker/custodian of your choice, and we manage your investments on a fully discretionary basis. We do not have anything to sell.

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After listening to your goals and needs we will determine an appropriate asset allocation and construct a portfolio of stocks, bonds and/or exchange traded funds designed to achieve your objectives. We will continually monitor your portfolio and make changes as we deem appropriate and advantageous to you. We will assist you, or your accountant, in tax planning matters and seek to minimize short term taxable gains. We will provide you with all of the reports you, or your other financial advisors, need to understand your complete investment picture including easy to read portfolio appraisals, performance and taxable gains/losses. In addition, each quarter we will offer you our assessment of the current and upcoming investment opportunities and threats. Most of all, we offer you unfettered access to your portfolio manager. There are no customer service representatives to go through to speak to your portfolio manager. And there is no committee he needs to confer with before implementing what is best for your portfolio. ​